Virtualized Cloud Services

For clients who dont need dedicated server equipment, or need on-demand computing power, Quonix offers a feature rich and secure Cloud services platform. Our virtualized servers can run any standard OS and can be deployed in either a private or public infrastructure.

Public Cloud

Ideal for entry level users who require basic computing power with limited needs for on-demand load increases. Even though our public cloud platform is shared across multiple users, RAM and CPU alotments are still reserved for quality of service. Public Cloud VMs cab be deployed with 24 hours for new clients.

Starting at $25/month

Private Cloud

For demanding enterprise users that require heavy computing power and the ability to add more on-demand in realtime. Your private cloud platform is built and managed by us, but the hardware is dedicated to you alone. This eliminates the potential for resource over-utilization by other users.

Starting at $195/month

Available Data Backup and Firewall Services

Any dedicated server can be combined with our Managed Data Backup and Cisco ASA security services. Firewall services give you a private network allowing controlled access, VPN, and Site-to-Site IPsec tunnels.

Public Cloud VPS Quotations