Managed Services

We are more than just a data center services company, we are also a managed services provider to our clients. Our main areas of focus are data backup, firewall, and VPN support.

Data Backup

Our Managed Data Backup solution supports Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms. Your files are automatically backed up over the network to a SAN at Quonix and then replicated in real-time to a secondary SAN at our DR facility. Backups are fast and simple, and file restoration is immediate. No more waiting to load tapes.

Starting at $15/month

Managed Firewall and VPN

By far our most popular, our Managed Firewall solution is built upon the Cisco ASA Security Appliance infrastructure. With fully segragated and secure VLANs, we can offer clients their own dedicated partition off a very powerful and redundant firewall platform for a fraction of the cost of a similar premise based solution.

Starting at $25/month

Data Backup Features

  • Supports both unencrypted and encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Files can be relocated during restoration
  • Custimizable retention policies

Firewall and VPN Features

  • Supports IPsec Site-to-Site Tunnels
  • Hardware accelerated client VPN
  • Unlimited access control lists

Our Managed Data Backup and Firewall/VPN services can be bundled independently with any Quonix product, including VPS Cloud, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation.