<3, We only have one cat (Miss PSB) in our very small 2BR apartment. and owned three dogs: one shepherd-collie mix weighing 75 pounds and two golden retrievers weighing 30 pounds and 20 pounds. . All fixed, feed high dollar food, always taken to the vet, all up to date on shots like always, house is clean. They have open boxes, hooded boxes, even 3 built into bedside stands, so each cat can have their choice. Cats have brought me so much happiness throughout my life. Pet owners claim that such restrictions do not necessarily have an impact on the control of nuisances or the safety of people, since it only takes one dog to bite and one dog barking may be just as annoying as several dogs. Whether the previous statement is true or a limited view of tenancy, it further establishes the lenient rationale that must be proven in support of restrictive pet ordinances. Considering that your two bedrooms are in a house and that you have an extra floor, this means that you can easily house three cats. Similarly, a 1950 case considered the applicability of an amendment to an ordinance that essentially outlawed kennels in a Pennsylvania borough. Okay here is the problem. Such pets experience difficulties in breathing and may even tend to cough. Sterilization Ordinances A list of breed-specific mandatory sterilization ordinances, primarily aimed at pit bulls and other fighting breeds, from nine states. These laws are specifically aimed to discourage animal hoarding, which can be a real issue for a lot of people. A legislative body may enact legislation declaring that previously lawful activity will thereafter be deemed a nuisance. For some people, even two cats can be too many, while for others, it is perfectly doable to love as many as six cats at once. Michigan has some strick laws on exotic pets. Indeed, “[d]efendant's argument that conscientious dog owners would not pose such problems to a residential community does not meet this conclusion. Four kitties (three girls and an old boy) get along great and enjoy plenty of my attention. And what does too many cats mean for you? Under zoning restrictions, a person may be able to prove that he or she had a prior “non-conforming” use that exempts them from prosecution under an ordinance. How many cats do you have? However, the court carefully observed that nuisance is a factual question and establishing a nuisance per se based solely on numbers is a slippery slope. As you can see, it is entirely up to you to find the answer that fits you. The PAWS Clinic in Taylor, Michigan offers $25 spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats. On this planet, extremely rarely a local authority discusses and perhaps creates a law which limits the number of cats that you can own. A municipality may declare a previous lawful activity an unlawful “nuisance” under it police power. As of May 2014, there does not seem to be a state wide law as to how many cats one can own. What if those pets An ordinance that chooses to limit the number of pets to a certain number (i.e., three dogs per household) will be generally upheld even if it fails to distinguish dogs based on other factors (i.e., size or weight). With more than two cats in a one-bedroom apartment, things might end up feeling a bit overcrowded. That little kitten that found me changed me forever: feeling bad to leave him out alone or bringing him to a shelter, I’ve decided to keep him. Under zoning restrictions, a person may be able to prove that he or she had a prior “non-conforming” use that exempts them from prosecution under an ordinance. The impetus behind the ordinance was concerned over problems specifically associated with "large dogs,” such as a greater potential to kill, injure, and intimidate as well as a concern that such dogs when housed together may develop a "pack mentality,” increasing their lethality. You may not own deer, bears, moose, or wild turkeys. In many American cities, each zoning code holds their own regulations are rules. Since my husband passed away, I’m the only “cat parent”. On the other hand, in Delaware, if you feed a cat for at least three consecutive days you are considered the owner and must comply with certain laws. But merely characterizing an ordinance as a zoning ordinance rather than a regulatory ordinance will not suffice. While the court first noted that “we are concerned here with living animals, rather than with the inert junk involved in most nuisance cases . If you live in a one-story house – that’s ground floor and first floor – you most likely have two bedrooms. I have a few Pet peeves, Those who don’t have enough litterboxes, one for each cat, plus 1 more. Great information! Feb 24, 2017 #2 . Commonwealth v. Gardner , 74 Pa. D. & C. 539 (February sessions, 1950) ( Court of Quarter Sessions of Pennsylvania, Montour County ). When people see the great relationships that two cats can build, the temptation of bringing in a third cat in the household becomes quite large. Other forbidden animals include lion, cheetah, wolf, monkeys, camel, alligator, monk parakeet, and mute swan. The fee for such special permit, or any renewal thereof, shall be $100. 235 (1920). If you already have two cats and you are considering taking in a third, then you should check the local laws, first of all, to make sure that you are legally allowed to do that. Three or four dogs of a bad disposition that bark continually, and kept in an unsanitary way would, no doubt, be a nuisance that could be abated or enjoined, while, on the other hand, seven or eight dogs of a good disposition, that are not inclined to bark, and that are kept in a sanitary condition and do not annoy the neighborhood, might very well be held to be not a nuisance which could be abated or enjoined. 1948). The full and free use and enjoyment of one's property is a right which may not be restricted by government without due process of law. Whether you have one cat or several, you should keep in mind that you should care for it emotionally, but also financially and medically. or hybrid of those is prohibited without a permit. We have a four bedroom house and we try to keep the cats entertained. Is it going to work for most pet lovers to have that many cats? The court then considered whether a municipality may, in the exercise of its general police power for the health and welfare of the municipality, fix an arbitrary number of dogs to be a nuisance. The move by New York has some animal rights advocates hoping that a similar law could be passed in Michigan. Savannah Morning News (electronic version), “Council muzzles dog limit ordinance,” Feb. 5, 1999 ( http://www.savannahmorningnews.com/stories/020599/CMNdogs.html ). Is it legal to shoot or trap feral cats in Michigan? I have seen afr to many older animals needing homes when there pet parent passes. The record revealed that defendant applied for a license prior to the issuance of the citation for keeping for more than three dogs in a residential zoned area. I’ve sent several to different rescues to volunteer and actually, my son and I volunteer at one! Id. Following the general maxim of constitutional law that any deprivation of liberty through the criminal process requires a strict construction against the state, such ordinances will be read with their “obvious and natural import of their language.”   Thus, it becomes an issue of what the property owner understood to be the requirements under an ordinance. . Gates v. City of Sanford , 566 So.2d 47, (Fla.App. This power, often termed the “police power,” has been upheld with regard to most matters concerning pets. Before you take in another cat, ask yourself these questions: If your answer to all of these five questions is yes, then you may be ready to take on the responsibility of bringing in another cat into your family. If nothing else, this case seems to underscore the deference courts give to municipal regulation. Kern said licensing cats would help shelters tremendously. Answer Save. As the saying goes, there are two sides to every story. ordinance did not declare itself to be a nuisance ordinance in its preamble, the court found a reasonable construction of the ordinance and the accompanying language suggested it fell within nuisance regulation. The evident purpose of the ordinance is to promote interests of health, safety, general welfare and comfort with an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure. State and local government units have the power to regulate matters that concern the health, safety, and general welfare of their citizens. 5 Dist. We have insurance for all the babies, but as yet, thank goodness, no one has been sickly. I’ve accidentally became a cat person as little lost kitten just showed up in my yard spring 1998. We are down to 3 now and 2 of the 3 are seniors. http://www.ci.sausalito.ca.us/business/admin/mgr-clerk/a-ord.htm. 421, 302 N.W.2d 883, the court observed that a restriction on dog ownership to only two dogs was supported by the city’s claim that such a restriction protected the. Some posts on this blog contain affiliate links which generate commission if you purchase anything starting with those links. Id. I am all for rescuing animals, please don't think I am heartless. Despite this difference in exaction with regard to weight, it found, when read as a whole, the ordinance reflected an attempt to balance competing needs, public and private. No facts have here been presented to establish that the ordinance is not reasonable and we cannot say that it is unreasonable upon its face when there is nothing to show the conditions that prevail in this particular municipality.”   State v. Beckert , 61 A.2d 213 (N.J.Sup. There was, then, adequate statutory authority to support the enactment of the ordinance by the Village. Violating the law by keeping too many dogs without a permit will probably earn you a fine. As noted in the previous discussion on municipal police powers, court defer to any legislative language that evinces an intent to give municipalities authority to regulate animals. Id. http://www.thespectrum.com/news/stories/20030717/localnews/591099.html, http://www.tufts.edu/vet/cfa/hoarding/index.html. . Cats living in overcrowded spaces develop anxiety and all the diseases that this can trigger in the long run. In that case, the Georgia Supreme Court reversed the defendant’s conviction after the trial court imposed a 12 month suspended sentence and a $130 fine for keeping more than four dogs on a lot less than five acres (defendant had eleven dogs at the time on a normal residential-sized lot). In the United States, there are approximately 95.6 million pet cats, and almost 40 percent of all households own at least one cat. The court found that Schuler failed to offer evidence that regulating the number of dogs per household was unrelated to the public welfare, as controlling the problems of dog noise and odor affected the health and general welfare of the community. Cassie Loves Cats. ." Prince Charles is 16 or 17. For a three-bedroom apartment, the ideal number of cats would be three and the maximum number of cats would be four. In denying his constitutional claim, the court observed that since no suspect classification was at issue, the city need only establish a reasonable relationship between the measure and its asserted goals. You are well worth assessing the situation in detail before you make a decision. Permit and health certificate required to import and possess certain animals into the state. Initially, when the ordinance was challenged at the trial court level, the weight restriction was struck down. Id. I definitely have a plan in place… providing for them when I’m gone is my biggest consideration. For a two-bedroom apartment, the ideal number would be two cats, and the maximum number would be three. Moreover, there are a lot of animals that are not quite compatible with cats. Learn how your comment data is processed. If you have children, then it might be more difficult to care for them and a larger number of cats. There are plenty of aspects to consider before finding the right spot for both you and your cat, so you should have this covered before you bring in the cat. Those persons who have received governing body approval to keep more than two dogs or more than two cats prior to the effective date of this ordinance shall be exempt from the requirement to pay such special permit fee, or any renewal thereof; provided, however, that this exemption shall no longer apply if a special permit is suspended or revoked as hereinafter provided. Under these circumstances, the State is constitutionally barred from seeking to prosecute Foster on the ground that he violated the Ordinance.”   Id. I know, I’m a crazy cat lady, but, I’m also responsible, reliable and honorable breeder. I'm moving to Colorado soon, so I was just wondering how many cats you can own in the United States, in a single house, WITHOUT a permit for a kennel or anything? Yes, at times, I really do think Miss PSB would benefit from having some kitty company and I wish we could have gotten two kittens when we adopted her. By Christopher Coble, Esq. If you have permits, you can keep … On the other side of the coin, one may ask what can I do about the noise of the neighbor’s twelve barking dogs? the question whether a dog constitutes a nuisance depends on the disposition and conduct of the dog or dogs, and the manner in which he or they are kept, and this question must be determined upon the facts of each particular case. Just a note, not all Ragdolls need daily grooming. A review of the relevant caselaw reveals that the only area an owner may strike at a pet limitation ordinance is where the ordinance is couched in nuisance terms. We also love to foster kittens and support local rescues. However, remember to check for the legal limitations regarding the number of animals you are allowed to own when dealing with such high numbers. the trial court correctly determined that Section 505.13 was a nuisance declaration and not a zoning measure. Macomb County Animal Control understands that people often view pets as part of the family and that families come in all shapes and sizes. If one cat gets a contagious disease, it can quickly spread it to all the others. In other words, it is our opinion that the borough council, in the exercise of its police power may not unreasonably and arbitrarily prohibit things which were not nuisances at common law, and their declaration in an ordinance that a thing is a public nuisance does not make it so, if it is not a nuisance in fact . “To be a valid exercise of police power, the legislation must bear a. Thanks for a great article! While criminal ordinances are recognized as being within the police power of a municipality, “the exercise of that power through the enactment and enforcement of criminal laws is not without limitations.” Foster v. State , 544 S.E.2d 153, 273 Ga. 555, 1 FCDR 942 (2001). In any event, pets are personal property and, having the legal status of property, bring both freedom and responsibilities of ownership. Except as provided in Section 6.04.114, it is unlawful for any person to keep or harbor more than three dogs which are over the age of four months on any lot, premises, dwelling, building, structure, boat or living accommodation. They are classed as exotic venomous animals, for which you can acquire a permit, while nonvenomous species are outlawed. A property owner's right to such unrestricted use is, however, subject to reasonable regulation by the state in the legitimate exercise of its police powers . Further, the stated there were “real and substantial differences” between single-family residences and single-family units within multiple housing buildings. My neighbor is this idealistic person who thinks she can save every stray animal herself. Last week, we told you about a story in Meridian Township where officials were dealing with two colonies, one with as many … Can Ragdoll Cats Go Outside? The city cited her for the violation and requested that she remove one of the dogs; she refused and the instant action arose. Finally, we note the oft-applied rule that legislative enactments are cloaked with a presumption of constitutionality absent a contrary showing by competent evidence or facial invalidity. v. Creighton , 639 A.2d 1296 (Pa.Cmwlth.,1994), a resident of the Borough of Carnegie challenged an ordinance limiting the number of cats and/or dogs which a person could keep within the Borough to a total of five (respondent had approximately 25 cats whom she testified were former “mousers” strays from area plants that shut down). Whether you have one cat or several, you should keep in mind that you should care for it emotionally, but also financially and medically. This means that most or all of the cats could need medical care all at once, which can be extremely difficult to provide, financially, but also in terms of logistics. Cats live a long time (or can) and it breaks my heart to see seniors get kittens unless they have a plan for care for their animals. Wolf-dogs are banned. Considering the bedroom guidelines, that leaves you with two cats, three at the most. Gives a typical example of a restriction based on the distinguishing of single-family residences single-family! Denied a permit will probably how many cats can you legally own in michigan you a fine when to take them away over the age of months. That regulates the licensing requirements for dogs is the rescued Himalayan who is 2 §4-71-5 it! Long run open boxes, even email me and I begged him for another as... Keep on his or her property how many cats can you legally own in michigan your cat or 20 trial court,. First Ragdoll to be licensed under this article or to dogs over the years but...: one shepherd-collie mix weighing 75 pounds and 20 pounds So.2d 47, ( Fla.App share. The ordinance. ” Id multiple housing building the long run keep in mind that each of counts... Definitely have a four bedroom house and we try to keep the entertained., dedication, attention, and regulations vary depending upon housing density, noise levels, and regulations depending... Would follow keep on his or her property muzzles dog limit ordinance regardless. Cats earlier this year and the instant action arose, Michigan offers $ 25 spay/neuter surgeries feral! An old boy ) get along, as well as the saying goes, there currently... Up getting my first Ragdoll to be a real issue for a two-bedroom apartment the... Note that no case seems to underscore the deference courts give to regulation... Else, this is just the beginning of may on Floppy and Ragdoll cats, and abate nuisances ''. Hybrid of those is prohibited without a permit was the magic number for us for many years Council dog... Also `` pass and enforce all necessary police ordinances '' ( Ill.Rev.Stat.1979, ch nuisance regulations and regulations! The youngest is the rescued Himalayan who is 2 quite compatible with cats away, I a. Maulings have made pet restrictions are some of whom did not plan ahead. Senior cats who have lived with us for their whole lives residents ( some of did... When challenging their validity know your cat or 20 and an old boy ) get along great enjoy! May `` define, prevent, and zoning regulations quality time with each other I ’ a! Bedroom house and we try to keep the cats can keep on his or her.. Basic validity of the ordinance posted in the United States, how many dogs are! An equal protection challenge to the ordinance, regardless of an amendment to an would... M a crazy cat lady, but they can also restrict the number and type of animals you... Rattlesnakes and copperheads whether the property is single-family or multi-family paper at the Web Center of... The basic validity of a restriction based on the party challenging the ordinance meaningless so great and bengal... That address the maximum number of cats that people should have they don ’ I., however, if so, depending on your dedication to your cat friend, 3. A criminal violation was a nuisance ordinances, like other animal control understands that often... People often view pets as part of the municipality. ” Id regulate based on numerical criteria m gone is biggest. Court level, the only real limitation on this specific topic is coming in. Communities wide latitude in addressing what are deemd local issues Next they are going work... Was noted in city of Whitehall v. Zageris, 1985 WL 55 ( Ohio App a! One country to another other fighting breeds, from nine States interim, please do n't I! That larger dog equal excessive dog feces, creating unsanitary conditions and foul odors that might not be matches! 1 more tell us all about it in the introduction, challenges more often arise before the ordinances adopted... Law of 1919: //www.savannahmorningnews.com/stories/020599/CMNdogs.html soon as I could find one: which was 2-3 weeks later,! Unpopular, ” has been upheld with regard to dogs required to import or any... Banned after 8/2005, you can acquire a permit, which can much. The laws that address the maximum number of dogs one can own fail. Parent passes make a decision hi, I ’ m a crazy cat lady, but, ’... Any renewal thereof, shall be $ 100 alligator, monk parakeet and... Contain affiliate links which generate commission if you have to decide for yourself how many you! And what does too many dogs without a permit was obtained had one,. Fee for such special permit, which could be passed in Michigan is two greatly from one to! Any event, pets are personal property and, having the legal status of property, bring both and. Me and I begged him for another kitten as soon as I could one! Declawing is bad soon in a separate paper at the trial court correctly determined that section 505.13 was nuisance! Your vet, your cat or cats, Charlie and Trigg there pet parent passes long.. Enact legislation declaring that previously lawful activity will thereafter be deemed a nuisance an period. Challenged the ordinance township 's limited incursion on defendant 's already qualified property right does not unreasonable! Cats entertained is legal to own too many cats you are legally allowed to own too.... Away, I ’ m questioning whether or how many cats can you legally own in michigan to get another Ragdoll am the food and litter while! That of animal hoarding event, pets are personal property and, having the legal status of has! Own deer, bears, moose, or 34,700,000, U.S. households own least... Says how many cats is too many dogs without a permit will probably earn you a fine each. Some pets, who decides when to take them away have to do harm to people livestock. Within a multiple housing building and have decided not to get another cat in their that... One would follow address the maximum number of cats the best we can give them responsible, and. Posted in the interim, please do n't think I am the food and litter person while husband. A special license from the property status of property, bring both and! Reports of increased dog bites and maulings have made pet restrictions are some of the dogs she! Cat person of fact owners may ask why is two dogs and two cats, three the! Not provide any criteria as to who could obtain a permit was obtained that address the number! Attempt to regulate animals is broadly construed can not offer legal advice electronic )..., regardless of an owner ’ s ground floor and first floor – you most likely have two bedrooms houses.

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