Solution: (COP) Heat pump = (COP) refrigerator + 1 = 4 + 1 = 5. b. Ans: e (c) Remains the same This sheet is for 2 Mark questions S.r No Question e.g 1 Write down question 1 What type of steam is produced … (d) Air per ton of refrigeration (c) indirect (c) zero 53. (Ans:a), The Cop of a heat pump is (b) it permits complete evaporation in the evaporator (e) 33.3°C. Accumulators should have adequate volume to store refrigerant charge at least Ans: d (d) None (e) none of the above. (c) of evaporator (a) lowers evaporation temperature 89. (b) Increase of pressure Superheating in … (e) before entering the compressor. (c) reversed Camot cycle (c) Carnot cycle a) The saturation voltage V CF of silicon transistor is more than germanium transistor. B Specific gravity . (a) Decreases Ans: b (a) increases COP (a) Increases b. Ans: c (b) high total heat Explanation are given for understanding. (b) Decreases Professionals, Teachers, Students and Kids Trivia Quizzes to test your knowledge on the subject. (d) toxic (a) ineffective refrigeration 58. (e) before entering the compressor. (a) domestic refrigerators Ans: a (b) expansion valve Home >> Category >> Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers >> Cast Iron; 1) What is the effect of silicon on the structure of cast iron? (d) condenser and absorber A standard ice point temperature corresponds to the temperature of (b) 1.2 (d) any value Engine Cooling System Multiple Choice Questions. (c) 420 kJ/min A toxic substance produced by biological system is specially referred to as a -----a) toxicant. Given below are basic MCQ (with answers) on Synchronous Generator. 67. (e) unpredictable. Clapeyron equation is applicable for registration at (d) None 29. (e) sensing reduction in pressure. (b) weak solution to strong solution (a) always less than unity (d) frost on evaporator reduces heat transfer (d) at which refrigerant gas becomes liquid A. (c) saturated liquid (a) heat of compression (b) Inlet of evaporator 72. Under-cooling in a refrigeration cycle 2. (b) a gas will immediately liquefy Mass flow ratio of NH3 in comparison to Freon-12 for same refrigeration load and same temperature limits is of the order of ... the cooling effect produced by melting 1 ton of ice (c) the refrigeration effect to freeze 1 ton of water at 0°C into ice at 0°C in 24 hours (d) the refrigeration effect to produce 1 ton of ice at NTP conditions (e) the refrigeration effect to produce 1 ton of ice in 1 hour time. (d) any value (e) takes place at constant pressure. (e) depends upon the weather conditions. The CP of … (d) capillary tube (a) a gas will never liquefy (a) 10% (c) increase cooling effect Ans: e A refrigeration cycle operates between condenser temperature of + 27°C and evaporator temperature of- 23°C. c) The saturation voltage V CE for silicon transistor is same as that for germanium. (e) refrigerant with high boiling point must be used. Start studying IB Biology Topic 6.3 MCQ's. (a) condensation of the refrigerant vapour The evolution of heat of solution takes place in ammonia absorption plant when (c) Sensible heat D. The refrigeration effect to produce 1 ton of ice at NTP conditions. Q10. Ans: b The advantage of dry compression is that (e) non-toxic and non-inflammable. (d) expansion valve The pattern of the magnetic field produced by the straight current carrying conducting wire is (a) in the direction opposite to the current (b) in the direction … (d) Bell-coleman The effect is applied in the Linde technique as a standard process in the petrochemical industry, where the cooling effect is used to liquefy gases, and also in many cryogenic applications (e.g. (a) pressure lines (c) takes place at constant entropy (e) unpredictable. (e) Refrigerant is inside the lubes in case of a direct-expansion chiller. The condensing pressure due to the presence of non-condensable gases, as compared to that actually required for condensing temperatures without non-condensable gases, (d) much below critical temperature Ans: a (c) euqal Electrical Engineering MCQ1 Synchronous generator is also known as2 Rotor winding of alternator is also […] 1. (e) Brayton cycle. Questions :-1. One ton refrigeratiqn corresponds to (b) Increases All Exam Review. (b) smaller cabinet should be used (d) 75% (c) Remains the same (a) after passing through the condenser 22. If the amount … (a) Increases Ans: c MCQ in Modulation Part 11 as one of the Communications Engineering topic. Light is produced C. Heat is produced D. Air is produced . Answer: Option C (e) lithium bromide is driven out of solution. (b) non-inflammable Electric current is produced B. b) The saturation voltage V CE for germanium transistor is more than silicon transistor. (b) Carnot In vapour compression cycle the condition of refrigerant is superheated vapour Ans: e Lubricants Objective Type Questions and Answers for competitive exams. (b) less (a) compression (a) more (a) Vapor compression cycle (d) all of the above (a) Rankine 1 MCQ (nerve and muscles) Choose the best ( √)answer: 1- The energy of muscle contraction is derived from the following except: a- ATP. Ans: d (e) dry vapour. (a) lithium bromide used in vapour absorption cycle is nonvolatile View Answer Answer: Carry away the heat produced in bearing 36 The most important quality of any lubricant is A Specific heat . 91. (d) S02 (b) Carbon dioxide (d) before entering the expansion valve (e) none of the above. (d) smelling Refrigeration is measured in tons of refrigeration. 63. One tonne of ice when melts from at 0 0 C in 24 hours,the refrigeration effect produced is equivalent to 210 kJ/min View Answer. (a) Temperature of medium being cooled must be below that of the evaporator (b) Decreases Polarity of (c) 211 BTU/min (b) 25% (b) Vapor compression Cycle 60. Fig.1 : Spectrum of the sampled signal for the case f s < 2f m Hence, the signal is under-sampled in this case (f s < 2f m) and some amount of aliasing is produced in this under-sampling process. (c) COP remains unaltered c 2- The frequency needed to (d) 6 (b) above which liquid becomes gas Ans: a (c) Evaporator (e) none of the above. Mechanical Engineering MCQ Question Papers: DRDO, ISRO, Interview. (a) Increases (d) higher critical temperature (b) detect liquid in vapour (a) Decreases (a) Carnot cycle Ans: e Check the below NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 11 Chemistry Chapter 6 Thermodynamics with Answers Pdf free download. (d) None (e) breakdown of refrigerant. (a) 0.2 ii) Effect of sub-cooling: sub-cooling is the process of cooling the liquid refrigerant below the condensing temperature for a given pressure. (d) None 31. (Ans:c), In vapor compression refrigeration, cooling effect is produced by (c) lowers compressor capacity because vapour is lighter (c) absorber In a vapour compression cycle, the refrigerant immediately after expansion valve is were prepared based on the latest exam pattern. (d) distortional. (b) the cooling effect produced by melting 1 ton of ice In a refrigeration cycle, the flow of refrigerant is controlled by In a flooded evaporator refrigerator, an accumulator at suction of compressor is used to (c) evaporator A refrigerant should have (a) Tow specific heat of liquid ... One ton of refrigeration is equal to the refrigeration effect corresponding to melting of 1000 kg of ice (a) in 1 hour (b) in 1 minute (c) in 24 hours (d) in 12 hours (e) in 10 hours. (Ans: a), As evaporator pressure decreases in vapor compression refrigeration, COP Chemical effect of current B. (b) 1.2 The vasodilatation produced by carbon dioxide is maximum in one of the following: A. Kidney B. (b) Decreases (e) pone of the above. Ocean Current ( Oceanography ) 1 . (Ans: b), Due to sub-cooling in vapor compression refrigeration, COP 34. (d) None Ans: c (d) metering of the refrigerant liquid 81. (a) atmospheric pressure (d) Superheat and sensible heat of a. refrigerant are same Ans: d (e) non-inflammable. Ans: e Answer: (a) low SHOW ANSWER 26. (d) 2 to 5 h.p. By which instrument, the presence of magnetic field be determined? Ans: a (c) solid and dry ice (e) before entering the compressor. In gas refrigeration, COP is (e) there is no such criterion. (e) unpredictable. (d) 80 kcal/hr The refrigerant for a refrigerator should have 2.Which of the following is strongest magnet? 1. Ans: b (Ans: a), The use of a flash chamber in a multi-stage vapor compression refrigeration, (c) neither increases or decreases the COP, The COP is maximum for a (b) temperature lines (b) higher than atmospheric pressure In motorcycles, the following type of cooling system … C Due to high cooling effect the cutting edges of the tool break off . (b) less The vapour compression refrigerator employs the following cycie For better COP of refrigerator, the pressure range corresponding to temperature in evaporator and condenser must be (b) maximum work input (e) decreases compressor power. (c) Sensible heat At lower temperatures and pressures, the latent heat of vaporisation of a refrigerant (a) after passing through the condenser What gas from the list below is a cause for global warming? (e) none of the above. c. 30%. (b) will be lower Vapour compression refrigeration is some what like (e) none of the above. 47. (Ans: b), As evaporator temperature decreases in vapor compression refrigeration, COP The CP of standard source ∝ L 1 2. In which (a) saturation point of vapour Effect of friction torque is more pronounced a) When the drive is running on full speed b) When the drive is being started c) When the drive is being stopped d) When the drive at half of its normal speed Q18. Ans: a. (a) 1 : 1 (c) Inlet of expansion valve 1. 50. In figure the process of sub-cooling is shown by 2’-3’. (c) good electrical conductor The moisture in a refrigerant is removed by (d) entropy lines (e) ammonia. (c) carnot cycle (c) less Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electronics page-15:211. (b) manually operated valve The draught produced by steel chimney as compared to that produced by brick chimney for the same height is (a) less (b) more (c) same (d) may be more or less. Ans: b Ans: d Vertical lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show constant (a) Latent heat 79. (e) none of the above. (c) total heat lines Zero power factor method […] Pick up the wrong statement. In the Joule-Kelvin expansion of a gas, what should be the initial state of gas to obtain maximum cooling effect? Refrigeration is measured in tons of refrigeration. Series 6: Multiple choice questions (choose the best statement) Exercise 1. 76. (d) all of the above (e) refrigerant is circulated in a refrigeration system to transfer heat. (a) in 1 hour 3. (c) Remains same Which noise is produced by lighting discharges in thunderstorms? (a) is less than 1 Which of the following is … QUESTION: 9. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Multiple Choice Questions :-1. C. Industrial noise . 1) Cooling Glasses , 2) Space Craft , 3) Atom Bomb , 4) Detecting Scanners When you pull out the plug connected to an electrical appliance, you often observe a spark. (e) none of the above. (b) <1 (e) unpredictable. (d) 1 : 3 (d) before entering the expansion valve 11. (d) constant entropy lines unit, one ton of refrigeration is equal to The general rule for rating refrigeration systems (excepting for C02 system) is to approximate following h.p. Ans: d 71. (a) Tow specific heat of liquid (a) > 4 Brain C. Liver D. Heart Correct answer : B. Ans: b (b) condenser Ans: d 93. In vapour compression cycle the condition off refrigerant is dry saturated vapour (Ans: d) Highest temperature encountered in refrigeration cycle should be The value of COP in vapour compression cycle is usually (e) none of the above. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Cooling tower effectiveness in percentage is the ratio of range, to the ideal range, i.e., difference between cooling water inlet temperature and ambient wet bulb temperature or in other words it is = Range / (Range + Approach). Most commonly used method of refrigeration is vapor compression refrigeration. (a) suction of compressor (c) after passing through the expansion or throttle valve 51. (c) Remains same (e) 5 to 10 h.p. (c) Zero (a) Condenser (1 ton = 211kJ/min of cooling effect). (b) more The equilibrium Refrigeration in aeroplanes usually employs the following refrigerant (d) 0.25 Ans: a The suction pipe diameter of refrigerating unit compressor in comparison to delivery side is (c) constant total heat lines b) toxin . a) Ring lubricator . Ans: c In vapour compression cycle, the condition of refrigerant is very wet vapour (e) condenser, absorber and separator (rectifier). 84. (c) 50% Slideways of a machine are frequently lubricated by . C. noise killing . White noise . 20. (d) None Q17. (1 ton = 211kJ/min of cooling effect). d) Due to high cooling effect the cutting edges of the tool break off . (e) 105 kJ/min. (b) Bell column cycle (d) None Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) of Electronics page-17:241. Water MCQ Questions and Answers Quiz. 68 Ammonia is (a) will be higher (c) much above critical pressure (e) condensing temperature of ice. (b) Expansion valve b) Wick feed lubricator . In Florey and Chain's experiment, eight mice were infected with lethal doses of Streptococcus bacteria. (a) near critical temperature of refrigerant (c) nearly same work input as for vapour compression cycle (a) after passing through the condenser Ans: c (Ans:c), Sub-cooling in a vapor compression refrigeration is always (e) constant volume lines. Which of the following statement is incorrect about agar? (Ans: a), As condenser pressure decreases in vapor compression refrigeration, the cooling effect Highest pressure encountered in a refrigeration system should be Students can solve NCERT Class 9 Science: Matter in our Surroundings Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to know their preparation level on Success Roar Classes Website itself. (Ans:a) (a) high (a)Are always north to side outside magnet (b)Are always south to north inside the magnet (c)Are always north to south inside the magnet (d)Has tangential direction at curves. (c) sublimation temperature D Emulsification . (c) Rankine cycle (b) Decreases (Ans:a), The cooling effect is higher in a 10%. Ans: c (b) before passing through the condensei (e) could be anywhere. The bank of tubes at the back of domestic refrigerator are Ans: b (d) None (e) 100%. (c) refrigerant cooling tubes The best example for splash lubrication is . (c) 10 tons (e) 3 : 1 All MCQs are important for exams as well as school tests. (b) 50 kcal/kr (a) Boot strap air refrigeration cycle (e) none of the above. (a) 0.1 ton (d) above which liquid becomes solid (b) evaporator tubes If the evaporator temperature of a plant is lowered, keeping the condenser temperature constant, the h.p. (b) Reversed Carnot cycle (b) 211 kcal/min 525. For proper refrigeration in a cabinet, if the temperature and vapour pressure difference between cabinet and atmosphere is high, then 12. (a) above which liquid will remain liquid (e) Hydrocarbon refrigerant. for silicon transistor … (c) freezing automatic regulating valve (c) Remains same (b) demagnetizing. In Hall effect, the output voltage produced across the crystal is due to A. These short objective type questions with answers are very important for Board exams as well as competitive exams. ... Q5.What is the effect of change in outer radius of the hollow cylinder on the thermal resistance of conduction? (d) corrosion of whole system (c) air conditioning (b) increases For obtaining high COP, the pressure range of compressor should be (a) involves no change in volume (Ans:a), The condenser used in a small cooling capacity plant is, The condenser used in medium cooling capacity plant is, The condenser used in large cooling capacity plant is, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). (e) weak solution in liquid heat exchanger gives up heat to the strong solution. View EE,UNIT 2,MCQ.xlsx from MECHANICAL ENGR6911 at Sultan Qaboos University. Ans: c (d) more/less depending on size of plant Which of the following cycles uses air as the refrigerant (a) noisy operation Formation of frost on evaporator in refrigerator (c) Remains same (a) temperature, pressure and enthalpy (d) unpredictable During combustion in the engine, temperature in the cylinder raises up to. (a) after passing through the condenser Ans: d (d) wet vapour When an electric current is passed through a circuit of a thermocouple, heat is evolved at one junction and absorbed at the other junction. (b) decreases COP (a) Bell Coleman Cycle (a)Ferrite (b) Bell Coleman cycle (b) low (a) receiver Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Important MCQ 1. 25. a. (d) any one of the above 92. (b) increases power required per ton of refrigeration (b) delivery of compressor (a) more Ans: e (Ans: b), With the decrease of suction pressure, refrigeration effect Sub-cooling causes increase in COP of the system. 40. (d) smaller/bigger depending on capacity MCQ-NON CONVENTIONAL REFRIGERATION. (a) bigger (b) sulphur sticks which on detection gives white smoke (b) lithium bromide plant can’t operate below 0°C (c) >10 (d) None 16. (d) other factors decide COP (a) actual COP/fheoretical COP Engines): MCQ question is the important chapter for a Mechanical Engineering and GATE students. b- muscle glycogen. Moisture in freon refrigeration system causes 36. (a) it permits higher speeds to be used Ans: b (c) Remains the same (c) 9 : 1 Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning MCQ with detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams. These short solved 1. Ans: b (b) saturation point of liquid (e) before entering the compressor.. Magnetic effect of current C. Lighting effect of current D. Heating effect of current 39. (d) expansion valve. (a) increases COP (b) increases heat transfer rate

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