Make sure to sign off on the fire extinguisher inspection tag (if available) with your name/signature and date of inspection. Stay compliant with our variety of tags. Each extinguisher will have two barcode labels that will need to be scanned for verification: one is tied to the location of the device, the other to the device itself. This fire extinguisher inspection checklist is used to sufficiently do a fire extinguisher inspection in less than 3 minutes. Quantity. Want to see for yourself how Firebug EXT works? Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record Tags, Tags-on-a-Roll (30355) For the best selection of quick-shipping, bold designs, you've come to the right place. Crucial in maintaining the safety of the workplace and complying with regulations, regular fire extinguisher inspections need not be too tedious or time-consuming. The very first thing we’re going to do is walk up to the extinguisher, and we’re looking to make sure that it has a valid maintenance tag on it. Fire extinguisher inspection tags from allow you to easily track monthly inspection records. The use of inspection routes organizes the work to make it easier for any inspector to complete. March 28, 2019 by Mathilde Émond. Size: can be customized. Our vast library of fire extinguisher tags brings you everything you need to complete a comprehensive extinguisher maintenance and inspection record. General Data Company Inc. The old paper & pencil system required a lot of unnecessary work and time to record the location, device and status of each fire extinguisher - not to mention the potential for missed devices, documentation errors and confusion. A needle in the left red zone means the fire extinguisher is undercharged while a needle in the right red zone means the cylinder is overcharged. Use this checklist to ensure compliance with fire safety regulations by checking that fire extinguishers are in good working order and up to code. 5.0 out of 5 stars 8. How to Record the Inspection of Fire Extinguishers Using Firebug EXT, How To Inspect Fire Extinguishers With Firebug EXT, Firebug EXT Barcode Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software. We'll walk you through Firebug EXT and its components, as well as answer all your questions. Fire extinguisher checklists help inspectors proactively identify signs of issues that may render extinguishers unfit for use in an actual emergency. Material Guide × Size. SKU: 55-4010-6253-IN108 Categories: Inspection Tags, Visual Tags. 4354 Ferguson Drive Afterwards, we encourage you to schedule a live demo of Firebug EXT from one of our tracking solution experts. We provide reliable repair & maintenance service for all types of equipment, including laser and label printers, barcode scanners and mobile computers. The contents of a fire extinguisher inspection checklist, How to efficiently conduct fire extinguisher inspections, Powerful tools and resources to help ensure regular and efficient fire extinguisher inspections, Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist, Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form (Annual), monthly fire extinguisher inspection form. Contact us to schedule a no-charge demo. A certificate of inspection should also be issued. Download and customize this checklist according to your inspection needs. Verify the extinguisher has a maintenance or inspection tag or record. This fire door inspection template can be used to check the fire-rating and compliance of all ... Carlo Sheen Escano is a contributing writer for SafetyCulture based in Makati City, Philippines. Fire extinguisher inspection checklists help inspectors conduct and record their monthly and yearly checks with due diligence, preventing them from missing crucial points in checking if fire extinguishers are in good working condition. Take photo evidence of non-compliant doors and use iAuditor’s annotation feature to reveal damages and regulation breaches. Firebug EXT organizes inspections in routes, which are a list of locations and extinguishers and other safety equipment to be inspected. If you don’t see it, ask and we can create your design. 1. Do a visual check and assess the visibility and accessibility of the fire extinguisher: Pick up the fire extinguisher and check for physical defects or anything that your checklists instructs to look for such as: The needle of the pressure gauge should be within the green zone. Something went wrong with your submission. The connection between the cylinder and the hose should be secure. Complete the report by providing a digital signature. Fire extinguishers should not be blocked by other objects so that they’re easy to see and access in case of an emergency. Tags supplied with current year. e. where a calcium chloride-type of extinguisher agent was used in a stainless steel fire extinguisher. Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist | iAuditor. This fire door inspection template can be used to check the fire-rating and compliance of all fire doors in a building. Cincinnati, Ohio 45245 USA. Display important status and inspection updates . By adding all locations in a building to a route you are making it certain that every extinguisher and safety device is included. Lastly, confirm that the tag is signed and dated and capture an optional photo of the record. Price. If you are interested in the tag,Pls contact me for more details,cost and catalog. Back . You can purchase the labels with barcodes preprinted on them, or use a printer in-house to print on your labels as needed. Contact us if you require any assistance with this form. If a regulatory agency were to inquire about the inspection history of a single extinguisher or a group of extinguishers, an Inspection Transaction Report can be generated for a… Sheen has experience in digital marketing and has been writing for SafetyCulture since 2018. The operating instructions on the extinguisher nameplate shall be legible and facing outward. This Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record - Label can be placed on products, packaging, equipment, and other locations where larger signage might not be a good fit. Download, print or share any digital fire extinguisher inspection record as privately branded PDF or CSV documents. This annual fire extinguisher template can be used to determine if the equipment has undergone proper maintenance. P/N: 55-4010-6253-IN108 $ 27.25. $19.99$19.99. • Typically you will see 2.5, 5, or 10 lb. Plastic Fire Extinguisher Monthly Inspection Record Tag – 2016-2019 $ 9.50 $ 6.39. The inspection tag should be available and shows the signature and date/s when the fire extinguisher is inspected. 24 posts related to Printable Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection Form. cores. It's important to choose the right label that will withstand the environment to which the fire extinguishers are exposed. SmartSign “Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record” 4-Year Maintenance Tags | 3" x 2.25" Heavy Duty Aluminum, Pack of 10. Never miss another monthly inspection with iAuditor’s scheduling feature. Other information to note are—label should be clear, pressure gauge as at green, hoses in good condition, and if the extinguisher is full. These self-adhesive 2" w x 3" h Monthly Inspection Record paper labels apply quickly and easily to fire extinguishers and cabinets...or anything else that requires a monthly inspection such as eye washes or other safety equipment. The route is built using the “Route Wizard” that walks the manager through a series of screens to easily add locations to the route. Insights to be blocked by a pin is the record. Labels feature 4 convenient columns with consecutive years 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 for regular inspections. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record - Wall Sign . A second scan of the extinguisher ID barcode label and the system now knows where the inspection is taking place. 2. By being able to accurately report you demonstrate to the regulator that you have a system in place to comply with safety standards. Fire extinguisher checklists help inspectors proactively identify signs of issues that may render extinguishers unfit for use in an actual emergency. Does the extinguisher have a valid maintenance tag that is signed and dated? It records the date the inspection was performed by an authorized person and documents the last inspections conducted and conditions needed to be checked e.g. Fire Extinguisher Recharge & Inspection Record. Australian Standard 1851 – 2012 states the following – 1.16.4 Tags & Labels. (e.g. This is includes checking its tamper seal, gage, pin, as well as making sure it’s mounted in a visible and unobstructed location. 6" x 3" Material. Add to Cart. Today’s blog post will cover one of the most common questions regarding the Firebug EXT solution – how can you use Firebug EXT to record fire extinguisher inspections. Based upon the inspection regulations for each device, the software will then provide an alert as to when the next inspection needs to be scheduled. After the fire extinguisher inspection is performed, a simple on screen tap of the “pass” or “fail” button records the result of the inspection. Conduct your fire extinguisher inspection checklist directly on site using a mobile or tablet (or in the office on computer). a) A Title – AS 1851 Service Record. Fire extinguisher checklists can be customized to fit your needs. Once built, this route is downloaded to the Android hand held mobile computer or tablet via a sync. Fire Extinguisher Tags - Recharge and Inspection Record. The locking pin is secure and goes through the holes of the discharge lever and handle. Performing a Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection. 3. General Data offers a large array of labels that stand up to all sorts of harsh conditions, including abrasion, moisture, chemicals, solvents and temperature extremes. Also called a fire extinguisher inspection form, it allows inspectors to record details about the fire extinguishers and other observations such as the exact location and its current condition. Is the extinguisher accessible and its safety pin is intact with the handle not bent or broken? The maintenance record should be indelibly marked on a durable label that is fixed firmly to the extinguisher without obscuring any of the manufacturer's markings and instructions." Also called a fire extinguisher inspection form, it allows inspectors to record details about the fire extinguishers and other observations such as the exact location and its current condition. The interval of these procedures vary depending on what type of extinguisher is inspected. Also, if applicable, sign the inspection tag of the fire extinguisher. Home / Tags / Inspection Tags / FIRE EXTINGUISHER RECHARGE & INSPECTION RECORD TAG FIRE EXTINGUISHER RECHARGE & INSPECTION RECORD TAG. Take care when handling pressure vessels such as fire extinguishers. It can be used by approved extinguisher servicing professionals to identify defects and whether remedial action is required. Customise the fire extinguisher inspection checklist template with easy drag and drop functionality. Free shipping on qualified orders! The tag should indicate that a fire extinguisher is regularly inspected. Equipment tags meet OSHA 1910.157 and NFPA 10-1994. b) Recording of the following – i. Rigid 0.20 Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record tags won't rust, tear or fade when used in harsh indoor or outdoor applications. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Tags SBTRS217 keep good record. Conduct regular and efficient fire extinguisher inspections in less than 5 minutes without sacrificing safety. Comply with regulations and proactively catch issues concerning fire extinguishers before an actual incident happens. Once the inspector has finished the inspection of all the devices due, the route will then be closed and removed from the list of due inspections. Fire Extinguisher Inspection Record Tags. Click here.). Getting started is easy, simply fill in your email and raise the game with iAuditor. The inspector can provide as much or as little detail as desired/required. Employers are required by law to have the portable fire extinguishers visually inspected monthly. Sold 100 per package or roll only. The results of these fire extinguisher inspections are included in a set of reports that can be printed through Firebug EXT at any time. in size Properly mark all inspections and keep them posted nearby or on the corresponding extiguisher; Label measures 5-in. 95 ($1.35 / 1 Item) FIRE EXTINGUISHER INSPECTION RECORD Tags, 2 Sided, 5.75" X 3", White Cardstock - Pack of 25 Tags Summarize observations, record corrective actions, and sign the fire extinguisher inspection tag (if available) with your name/signature and date of inspection. Download, edit, or create your own fire extinguisher inspection templates with ease. For Example: A typical 5 lb. Note if an inspection tag is available. It is crucial to maintaining the safety of the workplace and staying compliant with regulations to be consistent and diligent when conducting scheduled fire extinguisher inspections.

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