In order for a school or academy to achieve outstanding, ensuring progress for SEND learners is pivotal and it determines the overall effectiveness of the school. Inspection of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), Transitional arrangements for curriculum intent, School inspection handbook: Handbook for inspecting schools in England under section 5 of the Education Act. Schools should consider: how SEND-related evidence informs planning and decision-making; how parents are kept informed and are engaged in decisions about their child’s needs; whether the mechanisms for identifying pupils with SEND are effective; whether information about pupils who have SEND is shared effectively with class teachers; and whether teachers are supported and developed effectively to meet the needs of all the pupils they teach. Deep dives are not subject inspections. The NASUWT has an online survey about inspection and the Union urges members to complete the survey. To help us improve GOV.UK, we’d like to know more about your visit today. Ofsted (May 2019, Inspecting the curriculum: Revising inspecting methodology to support the education inspection framework. It also seeks to dispel myths about deep dives and provides advice about what teachers and school leaders should do when being inspected and to implement effective practice. Teachers and school leaders should contact the NASUWT for support if an inspector ignores such a request or if no request is made and an inspector seeks to hold a meeting with them during a break time, before school, or after the end of the school day. ... and the inspector asked about the level of challenge and was particularly interested in the work of the more able and SEND pupils in the class. A school will need to demonstrate that its intent for reading, writing and maths is established and is being implemented effectively. NASUWT, Rose Hill, Rednal, Birmingham B45 8RS Tel: 0121 453 6150 This briefing explains how Ofsted conducts deep dives and how inspectors use evidence from deep dives to form inspection judgements. An Ofsted inspection of any school, primary or secondary, will now include ‘deep dives’ into particular subjects or areas (e.g. It is important that schools evaluate the impact of their curriculum across different subjects and phases. Check how the new Brexit rules affect you. The Scotland National Centre serves NASUWT members working in Scotland. If this is the first time you've logged in, you can click on Forgotten? They will not judge how individual teachers and curriculum leaders carry out their responsibilities. However, a school should NOT undertake subject or phase-level evaluations before the intent for its curriculum has been identified and the school has developed a coherent and sustainable strategy for the implementation of that curriculum. The latest Ofsted buzzword to fill teachers with dread is ‘deep dive’. In a primary school, you'll always have a reading deep dive as part of your inspection. ... completed but is unlikely to over-count the number of deep dives. Please use your email address and password to log in. About FOI releases. Ofsted deep dives are a key part of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework’s curriculum focus. Schools datasets disclosed as a result of a Freedom of Information request in 2020. SEND is a common theme for questioning during Ofsted deep dives and links often to the questions around progression for the whole class. The Wales/Cymru National Centre serves NASUWT members working in Wales. Inspection of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) Ofsted must publish datasets which are disclosed as a result of Freedom of Information requests. version of this document in a more accessible format, please email, Ofsted Freedom of Information request datasets, Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance and support, Transparency and freedom of information releases. Inspectors will consider whether certain practices are systemic and look to test this out. However, schools may wish to use the education inspection framework (EIF) to identify things that they should prioritise or focus on. Deep dives are NOT subject inspections. Find out what Ofsted inspectors might ask during a science 'deep dive'. In particular, small primary schools may not have the resources to do this. The NASUWT urges teachers, school leaders and other staff to complete Ofsted’s online staff survey. the content and sequence of the phonics programme supports pupils’ progress; reading books match the sounds that children know; children are taught phonics from the start of reception; pupils who fall behind are supported to catch up quickly. CF23 8RD It also seeks to dispel myths about deep dives and provides advice about what teachers and school leaders should do when being inspected and to implement effective practice. The SEND Code of Practice advises that the school’s Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is a member of the senior leadership team. Inspectors will gather a top-level view of reading through discussions with the headteacher and curriculum leader/co-ordinator for English. Ofsted has reviewed the transitional arrangements and has announced that the period for these transitional arrangements is to be extended until July 2021. Inspectors will pay particular attention to reading in years 1, 2 and 3. Cardiff As ever the inspectors will want to know before they go into any classroom, or look at pupils’ work in books, what they are likely to see and how you are providing for children with SEND. Meeting the needs of a range of learners. ‘A deep dive does not lead to a judgement about that particular subject. deep dives ‘Deep diving’ in small schools. Local Association Secretary or National Executive Member, Directorate of Children and Young People for Ministry of Defence Schools. Do you follow the music national curriculum… do you add to it? It is NOT a judgement about the subjects observed in deep dives. Ofsted (November 2019), School inspection update, issue 21. Teachers and school leaders should resist attempts to undertake deep dives as a preparation for inspection. They will focus on a number of subjects across the curriculum to get a wider view of the curriculum and teachers' understanding and implementation. This will be appropriate if, for example, inspectors seek to hold meetings with teachers outside of designated working time. ‘Inspectors do not judge individual lessons, but connect evidence through lesson visits, scrutinising work and conversations with curriculum leaders, pupils and teachers. At secondary school, it will look at a sample of four to six subjects. Deep dives are undertaken so that inspectors can gather evidence that will enable them to form judgements about the whole curriculum, including how that curriculum is designed and managed. English / Literacy or EYFS) which Ofsted will choose and inform you of prior to the inspection. If an inspector identifies gaps in decision-making or believes that a teacher who is designated to be a curriculum leader does not have responsibility for key decisions about the content and sequencing of the curriculum, they may seek to hold further meetings with the headteacher or senior leaders in order to establish how decisions are made. The presence of a senior leader may provide moral support. The headteacher should raise the issue with inspectors during the pre-inspection telephone conversation and seek assurances that this will not happen. Teachers should not be asked to take on the responsibility if they are not paid a TLR. I want to start by saying that I am not an expert in this area and I haven’t experienced a Deep Dive. Disclaimer. SEND 9 Workload and Wellbeing 10 Lesson Observations 11. fsted Deep Dive aths 3 For more free resources and intervention support go to What’s in this resource and how do I use it? Ofsted’s inspection methodology is focused on the links between the curriculum, teaching, assessment and standards. Greenwood Close Some teachers may want a leader present for moral support, but others may feel more confident speaking to the inspector alone. This will NOT help school or curriculum leaders prepare for inspection. They will usually undertake deep dives of one or more foundation subjects that are being taught at the time of inspection. The Northern Ireland National Centre serves NASUWT members working in Northern Ireland. Deep dives and the inspection process Primary Good Pupils learn about other religions and cultures and understand the need for tolerance and kindness. How Ofsted uses evidence from deep dives Teachers and school leaders should contact the NASUWT if they are experiencing particular difficulties. Tel: 029 2054 6080 Ofsted pilot inspection : the ‘deep dive’ into Languages at a Primary School. The NASUWT advises headteachers to establish whether the member of staff would like to have a senior leader present when they speak to the inspector. School context It means that the decisions made by individual curriculum leaders cohere with the broader vision for the curriculum. This is called a ‘deep dive’ (see question three) by Ofsted – a thorough, detailed investigation. The number of deep dives undertaken during inspection will depend on the size of the school or setting. This Ofsted Deep Dives: Staff Share will be a perfect addition to your SLT resource collection. What would happen if an Ofsted Inspector took a Deep Dive in your department? Teachers and school leaders should not be required to meet with an inspector outside of their normal working time, including a lunch break or before or after school. How deep dives work Ofsted deep dives are a key part of the new Ofsted Inspection Framework’s curriculum focus. Internal progress data, therefore, must be accurate. In a mainstream school, SEND itself won’t be the subject of a deep dive but will feature in all of them and will have a specific focus in at least two. Ofsted Chief Inspector Amanda Spielman, July 2019 speech. So, what will Ofsted inspectors want to know when they take a ‘deep dive’ into science at your primary school? In one of my roles, I work alongside other SEND representatives on Ofsted's SEND Stakeholder Advisory Group. Rather the evidence from four to six deep dives enable inspectors to form hypotheses about which factors are systemic – that is, relate to the quality of education provided by the school as a whole’.9. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. It will be appropriate to use the survey to raise concerns about inspection if the concerns are about the deep-dive methodology. Further, the headteacher will need to ensure that measures are in place to support and develop teachers and curriculum leaders Questions that Ofsted asked a subject leader during a Deep Dive conversation during their recent Ofsted It’s not just about the knowledge and skills that the children retain. NASUWT members in England can get support, advice and information on employment-related issues by contacting the Member Support Advice Team. of lessons visited) how many subjects, books and pupil conversations will be evidenced during triangulation as part of the deep dive process - whether a small school or not? A breakdown of the inspections shows reading and maths were the most common subjects for a deep dive in primary … The NASUWT believes that the headteacher should accept the teacher’s wishes. We will explore: Making the SEND vision for your school come to life in all subjects. A deep dive involves gathering evidence on the curriculum intent, implementation and impact over a sample of subjects, topics or aspects. Inspectors will be particularly interested in coherence and the extent to which the whole curriculum is led and managed effectively. Your SEND vision. Dear Mike, 1) When conducting 'deep dives', do Ofsted have any plans to publish (like you do for learning walks no. In routine inspections, inspectors will conduct four to six deep dives of curriculum subjects. Inspectors are likely to focus on how the whole curriculum is designed, planned and implemented. However, some teachers may feel that it makes it more difficult for them to have an honest conversation with the inspector about particular issues. The NASUWT recommends schools to follow this advice. In the case of secondary schools, inspectors will usually conduct deep dives of four to six subjects.6 When inspecting primary schools, inspectors always carry out a deep dive of reading. Cardiff Gate Business Park 9-10 October Not a RE Deep Dive 5. The NASUWT will use this information to identify common issues about inspection. Conducting subject and phase-level evaluations before a whole school approach to the curriculum has been established is a meaningless and burdensome exercise. Some schools may need to make substantial changes to their curriculum in order to ensure that it is inclusive, broad, balanced and ambitious. of how education flows from intention to implementation to impact Something that leaves a lasting impression on you. Inspectors will want to understand what curriculum leadership actually entails in a particular school and that this is undertaken in a way that is manageable and sustainable. Further information. Email: Introduction It may be appropriate for a curriculum leader in a primary school to use designated staff meetings to discuss their subject and to provide other teachers with subject-related information and support. Ofsted (September 2019), School inspection update, issue 20. How to prepare for the Ofsted deep dive. Transitional arrangements for curriculum intent The information contained here is provided to assist you in the event of an OfSTED Music Deep Dive and is reflective of the information given and discussed at the Primary Network Meeting on November 27th 2019 at … In particular, it is not appropriate for a school to undertake subject or phase-level monitoring and evaluation before it has established its intent for its curriculum and worked with teachers to identify how this intent will be implemented in practice. The headteacher should ensure that curriculum leaders and teachers understand that this is the case. Primary Good Pupils learn history, geography, religious education and other foundation subjects through a combined approach which the school calls its creative curriculum. Schools should undertake workload impact assessments of any proposals and take action to address any issues that are identified. At a point where it is meaningful to conduct subject or phase-level evaluation, the evaluation should always be: Some teachers have expressed concern that school leaders are telling them to go into meetings with Ofsted inspectors and defend their subject or the school’s curriculum. An Ofsted inspection of any school, primary or secondary, will now include ‘deep dives’ into particular subjects or areas (e.g. As part of deep dives, inspectors are likely to speak to pupils who have SEND and scrutinise their work. Inspectors will make judgements about the quality of education across the school as a whole and will not make judgements about individual subjects, curriculum leaders or teachers. Headteachers should NOT commission or undertake mock deep dives of subjects. If the school does not disseminate the invitation to complete the staff online survey, NASUWT Representatives should raise concerns with school leadership and Ofsted inspectors. OfSTED: A "Deep Dive" in Music - A Primary Perspective Interview with the Music Subject Leader: Before watching lessons and talking with children: 1. Inspectors will usually target two year groups for each deep dive subject. Here are some of the highlights for you to ponder. This is a major source of evidence that inspectors can use to identify and explore issues relating to workload and wellbeing. It is vital that the English leader/coordinator, like all subject leaders/co-ordinators, receives a TLR or is paid on the leadership pay range. This blog will look at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. If an inspector speaks to a curriculum leader who does not have designated time to undertake the role, or has not been involved in decisions about curriculum content and the sequencing of the curriculum, this may indicate that the strategic leadership of the whole curriculum is not effective. It is important to note that inspectors should be gathering evidence and forming judgements about workload and wellbeing while they gather evidence about the quality of education. The NASUWT advises headteachers and senior leaders to engage teachers and workforce unions, including the NASUWT, in decision-making and to ensure that teachers and the NASUWT are kept informed about curriculum developments. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. in the password field to request a password verification link. It’s about your role as subject leader and your knowledge of the entire curriculum for your subject from … It is important to understand that inspectors will look at how the whole curriculum is designed and managed, and at the links between the curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. The new inspection arrangements may be challenging for some schools, particularly schools that have not prioritised curricular matters for some time. It will update you on developments and feature current issues. OFSTED’s view of deep dives in history Recently Matthew Purves, the Deputy Director for Schools, set out OFSTED’s latest thinking on deep dives in primary schools. maths or EYFS) which Ofsted will choose alongside the Headteacher and will inform you of prior to the inspection. clearly linked to the school’s priorities for improvement; subject to a workload impact assessment, with action taken to mitigate any issues identified; developed in consultation with staff and workforce unions; and. Inspectors will take a rounded view of the quality of education that a school provides to all its pupils, including the most disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). However, such activities should always be undertaken in the context of the whole school curricular approach. Deep dives are a methodology that Ofsted inspectors use to gain a deeper understanding of a school’s curriculum. What is an Ofsted deep dive and how can you prepare for it? ), © 2021 NASUWT all rights reserved. In primary schools, Ofsted has said it will always carry out a deep dive of reading and one or more foundation subjects. The briefing should be useful to teachers, including class teachers and those who have been allocated curriculum leadership responsibilities, and school leaders. When judging the quality of education, inspectors will consider curriculum intent (the extent to which the school’s curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills that pupils will gain at each stage; and how the curriculum has been designed, planned and sequenced to help pupils get to the planned end points), implementation (how the curriculum is taught and assessed in order to support pupils to build their knowledge and to apply that knowledge as skills) and impact (the outcomes that pupils achieve as a result of the education they have received).8 Inspectors will take a holistic view and consider intent, implementation and impact as they conduct the inspection; they will not inspect these dimensions separately. Inspectors cannot ban a headteacher from attending a deep dive meeting with a curriculum leader or class teacher. School leaders will need to ensure that they take decisive action to make the necessary changes. Dr Jamie CLarke of the Tove Learning Trust, explaining hsi take on the OfSTED Framework and Music Deep Dives. Footage taken at the MEHEM conference on 28th February 2020. Teachers should make their own judgement about whether they want a senior leader to accompany them when they speak to an Ofsted inspector. 2. It will also provide evidence that will help inspectors to form judgements about teachers’ workload and wellbeing. If a senior manager insists on accompanying a teacher into a meeting with Ofsted inspectors, and this prevents the teacher from raising particular issues, the teacher might ask the inspector if they could have a private conversation with them during the course of the inspection.

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