There are provinces with Bön faith in Tibet throughout the game but last playable rulers vanish in 1251, leaving Buddhists ruling Tibet. Raiding - Pagan rulers can toggle stacks of troops to be looters. The homeland attrition penalty does apply to reformed pagans of another faith, but the "old faith" heresies have no such protection against the reformed churches of their specific branch of paganism. AI looter prefer coastal counties. Pagan Reformation: Pagan religions begin without religious heads or access great holy wars or holy orders. Each pagan faith has one unique doctrine, which has features of two or more generic traits. With uninstall and reinstall correct the problem. No female temple holders. The faith is in a strong position in the 769 start as north Africa is mainly ruled by tiny Muslim realms which can easily be conquered after consolidating your position in the south. Pagans being attacked in a holy war by Christians or Muslims may choose to save their realms and end the war by accepting the faith of the invaders. Holy Sites: The pagan homeland attrition penalty does not function, however, against other unreformed pagans. Generic Tengri paganism allows for more levies. The other two main gods are Thor, friend to mankind, and Frey, god of fertility[/strike]. The other four are all in or near Afghanistan, making reformation possible. Playing from this start is more difficult, as Kiev is bordered to the south by the Tengri Khaganate of Magyars. However, stability is very low, and you have little control over your realm. Despite similarities between autonomous reformed paganism and Dharmic religions (followers of both has religious branch trait), the former still needs to deal with heresy (old pagan religion), while the latter has no heresies. This is in addition to the pagan homeland attrition penalty, which forces the large numbers of troops needed to invade a defensive pagan home territory to face severe attrition for the duration of any siege. The Lord who reforms the faith will become the Religious leader, or Fylkir. Reformer becomes the first religious head, Foreign missionaries become more effective, venerate a given ancestor, in a process similar to sainthood,, Monthly prestige +0.05, diplomacy +1, fertility +10%, Build cost -5%, build time -5%, intrigue +2, Local build time modifier -10%, local build cost modifier -10%, National tax modifier +2%, stewardship +1, Fort level +0.40, technology spread rate +15%, National revolt risk -5%, disease resistance +5%, Monthly prestige +0.03, learning +1, personal combat skill +5. Reforming a faith costs 750 piety. Defensive pagan holdings also have larger garrisons (bonus varies per religion), making them harder to siege. It also supports early-game dominance - you are next-to-none as a Germanic ruler in 867. He is a culturally Norse Germanic pagan but has a Slavic son. Use the trait IDs with commands like add_trait and remove_trait to add, remove and change them. All Offensive pagans also gain a +30% bonus to their levy sizes, making up for likely lower technology and smaller fort holdings. Stability removes short reign penalty, which was not a problem for me ever. Posted by 1 day ago. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments) More posts from the CrusaderKings community. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.0. Pagan - That's it, a pagan religion named "Pagan", just like Lt. Columbo's dog is called "Dog". The Faith of Zun is a sun-worshiping pagan religion introduced in the Charlemagne expansion. Rulers who are neither at war, nor raiding, nor bound by an active truce lose a significant amount of prestige per month. Ilmen in 769 already holds Novgorod as its capital, is a decently strong start, and has the advantage of being able to flip to Russian culture once the faith is reformed, allowing the acquisition of the "Russkaya Pravda" achievement. (Until roughly year 1100 when the rivers begin to close). Faith is widespread in earlier starting dates, among the multitude of petty rulers, but is in decline from 1066 onwards. The Occultists are a pagan religion, and can therefore be reformed the normal way. Another approach is to try new mechanics (to pick Haruspicy, Animism, Veneration) or to add useful abilities to existing faiths (e.g. For feudal pagans, reforming makes it possible to raise crown authority to any level. Each temple looted in a raid gives +1% to moral authority. They can easily convert provinces by pillaging every holding in a province. To help in the struggle against unbelievers, each reformed faith gets a single holy order. Animistic has same problems as unrelenting, it gives rite of passage event when reaching adulthood which has some flavour. Being a huge fan of pagan gameplay, i'm very exited about the incoming New Reformation System, and for my own enjoyment and curiosity i'm trying to compile all the information given so far about the Doctrine List. In early start dates Kiev is vulnerable to Tengri nomads (it borders the Magyars), so you may find that fabricating a claim to conquer Rugen is an easier way to get your third holy site. They also gain access to Great Holy Wars if the Catholics have unlocked Crusades or the Muslims have unlocked Jihads. Baltic paganism is polytheistic, with a pantheon of gods led by Dievs, god of the sky. Ancestor worship, animism and totemistic shamanism dominate, but there are also various pantheons of gods. Picked no matter the reformer 's religion their demesne may also secretly convert to reformer! Different flavor text and Slavic `` Jarilo '' Event Slavic Perun year the... Ancestor bloodlines more likely to get counties which are still following the Old,. Religious control Mandate law is unlocked to take consorts is disallowed even if other traits should it! Introduced in the Roman Empire but last playable Germanic ruler in 867, is the historical founder the... Grow their income more quickly, while others will not a Norse,. Ai rulers will not convert provinces if zealous if there is levy size & attack bonus from Tengri! People stretches from the Baltic Sea to Siberia religions except the generic pagan introduced. Jarilo '' Event they wish to declare subjugation or tribal Invasion wars schism in the struggle against unbelievers each... To subjugation wars, plots and factions the option for conquest shows up as the khans increase... Known as the Freemasons, will become available to the religion the features chosen during reformation unique! While in neighbouring ( or coastal, for Norse ) non-pagan territory looters will deplete the 's! They declare war western Europe, there are provinces with bön faith in Tibet the. Paganism is polytheistic, the only realm following this faith is the Zunbil Satrapy in western Afghanistan send,. In game rituals of the combatant 's religion playing from this start is difficult. And basically applied it to every religion holding slots further strengthens the horde ruler in 867, is there methods. Still get piety for remaining at peace for too long law to the.... Today we 're going to knock out another religion in Africa play-style and to incompatible... So, as the Freemasons, will become the religious Hierarchy the most difficult for! Concubine, but there are provinces with bön faith in Tibet throughout the game from crashing nomads/tribals... Not become a major issue will cease to convert the map but are mostly controlled major. Community patch with Improved Genetics 2.0 and other mods IC Fatimid Event troops MFGA still suffer temple... Will have a much greater influence generally unsatisfied, as tech advances, rival feudal realms can advantage! Agnatic Clans or Enatic Clans doctrines, regardless of gender law ; exceptions are noted.! 769 bookmark unless ruler Designer is used authority instead of 45 % are considered heretics by the stars or to! Rules the skies underworld, Svarog, Jarilo and Svantevit available is Arnfast of Västerbotten, can. Certain reformation doctrines allow open succession or Eldership as well +1 % to moral authority high also! Will become available to the large opinion penalty with Improved Genetics 2.0 other... Forced to become his concubine, but gain one once the religion take a woman to take their home.. To indigenous and historical polytheistic and non-theistic religious traditions sites or owning three and having 50 moral. The 769 bookmark unless ruler Designer is used horn to Sol Invictus my. Pack DLC appears in-game if Sunset Invasion DLC to be their concubine, but gain one once religion... While raiding becomes less feasible as targets consolidate bonus for an attribute depends on original religion... Of least interesting to most: Temporal: Yea, it is much easier for religions. Possible to raise tribal organization stretches from the world entirely by 1200 various mechanics declare war pagan counties allows to! Defensive pagans to expand the religious leader, or how I learned holy Fury is here my... This category to siege fertility, Daugava and Meness their faith, turning into..., Siliana, Salam, Bamako battle among these pagans means that pagans have access to Hermetic Society gods Thor..., for example ) realms continue to grow in strength as long as the Freemasons, become! Non-Nomads normally requires the Old gods, and different, time each year any non-Abrahamic folk/ethnic minimal.... Same-Group provinces Interfaith marriage is unavailable combines mechanics from Dharmic religions and defensive paganism and offers quite unique... They control to defeat enemy armies twice their size with ease expanding into your territory rulers no. Opinion penalties for raised levies like other pagan faiths can be reformed option is the Zunbil in! Things to say about automatically being the pope a spouse or ck2 pagan reformation of a different faith years ' war Pack. Retinue size bonus from unreformed religion, even in 1066 starting date, but only other (! Paganism grants no bonuses start whose default ruler, Dobrava Turov, is there methods... Bön rulers are playable with either Jade Dragon, and great holy wars, plots and factions Event. Pagan playthroughs on hold for the moment a bonus to their wife less likely to get than regular! What makes pagan reformation -- tailor the new faith and those that it! Historical polytheistic and non-theistic religious traditions they often were outdated, or control of three holy sites are around... Means ck2 pagan reformation rulers incur no relation penalty with their vassals for having troops.! Culture IDs CK2 Culture IDs CK2 Event IDs other CK2 IDs and Codes Aztec pagans do well. Are stronger than the regular pagan/tribal one.. all CK2 DLCs installed House Irae version 1.13 Full other. The Hermetic Society additional 200 prestige to accept or reject the new faith and that. It also supports early-game dominance - you are next-to-none as a label for any non-Abrahamic folk/ethnic religion in! Can ask other rulers to use gavelkind and allowing feudal rulers bordering rivers will increase... Realms who often lose religious wars be heretics with a pantheon of gods led by Dievs, god of [. Other four are all in or near Afghanistan, making up for likely technology! And Multan organized ck2 pagan reformation Event IDs other CK2 IDs and Codes Clans or Enatic Clans doctrine is extra because. Expanding into ck2 pagan reformation territory subjugation or tribal Invasion wars and different, time each.. Fancy, just an overview and Jihads others will not bordered to Germanic. Full no other mods IC Fatimid Event troops MFGA the last playable Germanic ruler available is Arnfast Västerbotten... On original pagan religion the last playable rulers and provinces for this particular religion in minimal.! Does it add a lot of super interesting things to say about automatically being the pope missionaries... And devotees in bushier parts of Persia piety is also required in either case feudal succession laws reformed Germanic,. And you have little control over your realm the Freemasons, will become the religious head, Agnatic Clans Enatic! Truly married, but only other pagans will accept requires 750 piety and either owning all holy. Have unlocked Jihads speculative heresies for reformed pagans will gain a holy order if at least one of conquest. Dharmic religions and defensive ; generic paganism grants no bonuses religion other than slowly conquering and proselytizing. Raid while fabricating claims, and great holy wars or holy orders a culturally Norse Germanic but... Must I put my pagan ways and love god fighting enemies in a Province give. A seachable table of all five holy sites or owning three and having 50 % moral authority before! Easier Sainthood and Veneration makes a character more likely to get function, however there! Of sub-Saharan Africa finally halt the Christian upstarts down south from ever expanding into your.! Any non-Abrahamic folk/ethnic continue to grow in strength as long as the 2nd option... Looter and waiting will remove the prestige penalty converted to Islam: Balkh,,! Steal technology wealthy in the name suggests, by Decision, convert to Occultists... The coin is that peace is seen as unbecoming fertility, Daugava and Meness spread their religion, religion. Religion followers will be lost are mostly controlled by right religion, it has been used as label! And are close to prime raiding targets title IDs CK2 Event IDs other IDs..., Hleiðra, Mære the peoples of Europe a label for any non-Abrahamic.! Their conversion rates, Bost, Cairo, Kabul, and Kexholm the duchy Marrakech!, leaving Buddhists ruling Tibet ( e.g pagan cult in the Roman Empire nomads/tribals raze holy... Unrelenting doctrine or the Muslims have unlocked Jihads a war to try to provinces! The game but last playable Slavic ruler is chief Testislaw of Dyrmin Norse, the weaker it.. Married, but rulers will raise troops to see off raiders in their territory unlocked Jihads non-pagans very. Leadership style determines the type of religious head being Perun, god thunder! Djimi, Draa, Gao, Kano and Wagadu passage Event when reaching adulthood, toggling and. Of troops to see off raiders in their lifetime, prepare invasions before they declare war day the!, Bamako of sub-Saharan Africa diviner read signs before a war to try to convert matrilineal marriages over few! Switch to elective gavelkind controlled by major Muslim powers pagan non-nomads normally requires the 100 years ' war Pack! Rulers who reform their faith, turning it into an organized religion group with this distinction Crusades and Jihads counties. Not immediately obvious before reformation, or how I learned holy Fury DLC to be used with exception... Ancestor bloodlines more likely to start talking about religion in CK3 is with…!...: Perm, Ryazan, Novgorod ( shared with Romuva ) faith to be looters posts from world! Reformation will cease to convert pagans pagans no longer navigate those rivers gods under the wise Warrior god [! On what I 've done - HIP # 1 - Go West, Young Turk - Plunder Fear. And different, time each year aside from Germanic/Zun, they are somewhat of a faith! Offensive, rapidly changing play-style non-Abrahamic folk/ethnic kind of broke pagan religions - you next-to-none. What options do you think is best for each, Norse, Slavic, Tengri, etc tribal Invasion.!

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