“Are we sure we haven’t been here before?” Lance mumbles. Bring the Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind. “There are vials of stuff in here.” She says, poking around inside the alien tech. All at once and none at all, so subtle that he stares, wondering if he’s seeing things. The light is splintered down the sides, illuminating a gentle slope that curves out of sight. He feels wrong, his body too tight, stretched, shrunken. Task 7: Shadows of the Past Description: If the Empress is to serve the Alliance to the best of her ability and reign over all of Lore, she needs to be free from doubt. It’s not as… smooth as what he’s used to reading. He gazes down at the hole, then to Pidge. Like the fact that the planet is literally dying beneath their feet. His hand gently cups his jaw as those dark eyes roam over his face, critical and analyzing but with this odd soft edge to it that has Lance shuttering. Burning. 1 Publisher's summary 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 References 5 Story notes 6 Continuity 7 External links There's a secret locked up in UNIT's Vault 75-73/Whitehall. “What?” He says, looking between them. Some research showed the planet had been dying for years and mostly abandoned for several millennia. “I don’t think so. “Coran,” Allura says abruptly, eyes roaming over the machine around them. He looks tired. I might be able to figure out the use of such energy, but it will take a while.”. He sees it, but Pidge looks oblivious. “What kind of weird feelings, Lance?” Shiro’s voice floats through the coms, all business but with an edge of curiosity that he can’t quite hide. He hates it, but it won’t stop. He looks back up. You… you knocked me out of the way and— you disappeared?”. “I can’t just go around touching strange alien stuff, Pidge!”. “This one. “Is it even possible for the castle’s log to be corrupted?”. It’s like they’re looking at a stranger, but he’s not! Yes, I think I do know who this man is, but his name is not Maelik. Directed by Warren Ryan. I can’t even remember half of what every place and every species is called. No other doors or corridors. Pidge shrugs. They stare for a moment, then look at each other. “I guess we found the source of the energy readings…” Lance mumbles, looking around the room. This place looks deserted and desolate, and there’s just something… off about the Altean stuff they’ve been finding. It isn’t like him to just pass out like that, but… weirder things have happened. “Guys…” He says slowly, cautiously. Pidge gestures to the platform he’s sitting on, to the claw-like pillars that rise above them ominously. When Lance can finally get his legs to work, he carefully tiptoes around the room, avoiding stepping on the glowing cracks even though they’ve proved to be harmless. But his words are choked off because as soon as his hand touches the uneven stone wall, the carving lights up. The sparks get bigger, forming some sort of ball of crackling energy at the tips, pointed right down at the platform— right where Pidge is standing. And it doesn’t help that the team is on edge around him, refusing to tell him anything for fear of influencing and changing the past. Before he can question them again, there’s a hand on his chin, gloved fingers gently turning his head until he’s face to face with Keith. They both freeze, waiting, but nothing else changes. “What about you guys? I’m trying to figure this out.” Pidge says from where she’s standing at the control panel, fingers deftly flying over the holo surface. 31 likes. It was written by Simon Guerrier and featured Liz Shaw. Shadow of the Past. She was infinitely better at reading Altean. But he thinks the collapsing planet should warrant a little more attention than she’s giving it. Not enough. Not all of us were built to fit through tiny spaces!”. What’s going on?”, “We’re on Ecnes,” Pidge says, voice carefully neutral. A caress on his cheek. Shadow of the PastLevel: 29(Requires 16) Baros Alexston Master Mathias ShawXP: 600 (or 360 at level 70)Rep: +25 Stormwind This quest is part of the Lescovar Incident quest chain. Work Search: “Like a… ‘we’ve been here before’ kinda vibe. The Shadow of the Past is the second chapter of the first book in The Fellowship of the Ring. But the weirdest part? “And our Lance is in the past with your team.”, He’s having trouble processing. She stands, poking around at the control panel screens again. As they watch, the veins of glowing light come creeping down the cave walls, splintering through cracks with a soft glow. “Lance…” Pidge’s voice is wary, and boy, he does not like all this confusion and nervousness directed at him. I’d like to know how all of you got into your armor so fast.”. Probably due to the fact that he still can’t get rid of this annoying nagging sensation. “A bad deja vu?” Hunk asks, sounding just as attentive but a lot more wary. Hey guys! Pidge was right. We Fell Together “How’s this for help?” He asks, waving to the wall. AQW Shadow Guild. His head is situated over Keith’s shoulder, and he just kind of blinks in surprise, watching the wide grins spread across the faces of his other teammates as they rush over to them. It just sets him on edge more. He tilts his head a little further, and— yup, there’s Keith, too. “Dunno. Lance scoffs, pushing himself into a sitting position and holding a hand to his head. Lance follows her gaze, then glances back up, a small mischievous smirk curving across his lips. as well as Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor (Provided) Relevant Locations. Everything. “Lance, where’s your paladin armor?” Shiro asks, and Lance’s attention whips around to him. The room just pulsates with the eery glow. He reaches out a hand against the wall to steady himself, heart rate speeding up again. “How could we forget that?”, “Are we sure that’s what’s happening now?” Pidge asks, suddenly behind Shiro, eyeing Lance critically. Numb. Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor (Provided) Description I really haven't a clue, . “it’s never stopped you before.” Comes the deadpan voice that he loves and hates. She takes a couple steps back and mumbles something under her breath that Lance doesn’t hear because his heartbeat is too damn loud in his ears. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. The only sound is the constant hum. It is looted from Glubtok. He turns to see her standing at the wall opposite from the way they came in. They’re pulsing brighter than the rest of the room, like four heartbeats in sync, and the rest of the glowing pulses outward. I was hoping it would be in Altean, at least.”, “Weird that Altean markings led us here…”, “Yeah, but there was something… off about them. He lets out a loud whoop! He’s so dizzy, so tired…. “Yeah,” He breathes, almost afraid to speak too loud. They’ve stepped out of the corridor and into a round room with a high ceiling. This page contains information on the third mission in the Gondorian questline - Shadows of the Past. Not when it comes to him! “What kind of deja vu?” Keith asks, instantly attentive and focused. He’s certain the look of confusion and awe on Pidge’s face is mirrored on his own. He raps a knuckle against it, but is only met with a dull sound. Is it possible for his skin to feel too tight? Not just a simple hug. “You’re probably just feeling deja vu because we’ve been in situations like this countless times.”, “That’s true,” Hunk says. The weird part was finding a few Altean runes carved into the entrance way, leading them to the back of the temple where they just found more. Maybe the others know. Implode. Then it flashes once and the center dims just as another rumble starts up. Like the damn thing is alive. “Did you say Kolar?” Pidge’s voice cuts in, blank and coated in surprise. It’s not that big, but definitely big enough to fit through comfortably. You might want to proof-read your comments before posting them. Cause You're Giving Me Chills “Are you sure, Keith?”, Lance glares at him, shoving at his chest. Her eyes setting on one pillar, then the next, turning in a small half circle and staring wide eyed, mouth open, as the energy builds. Stretching. ''Hello… I Want to play a game. It does look a little familiar. 1 Plot 2 Synopsis 3 Appearances 4 Translations Gandalf explains to Frodo the true nature of Bilbo's (now Frodo's) magic ring, how it is the One Ring and must be destroyed for the good of the Shire and all the Free Peoples of the world. We saved them and then helped them rebuild a little bit, then they threw us a party and I was chatting up this babe all night and you and Shiro had to carry around the priest guy, which was hilarious because he kept kicking you in the— uh, guys?”. They’re the ones being weird in their armor and in some cave. “It says it’s the big red button on the holo screen, in case you couldn’t figure it out.”, Pidge glares at him, brows furrowed. It’s crude and the lines are jagged in the uneven surface of the rock, but it’s unmistakably a lion. “Uh, Pidge, how close are we?” He mumbles, glancing over his shoulder for the umpteenth time. When they get their bearings and actually take a look around, they both gasp in awe. Lance groans, rolling onto his side and squeezing his eyes shut for a second. But it’s Shiro who speaks. He’s lying on… a platform? It’s weird. Is it harder to breath down here? “What have I told you about worrying me like that, you asshole…” He mutters under his breath, so softly that only they can hear it, and voice filled with so much fondness and relief that it leaves Lance feeling dizzy all over again because what the fuck? He’s not sure how long the slide is or how long it takes to get to the bottom. Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor (Provided) Description I really haven't a clue, . Let’s go, Lance.” She says before darting through the small opening of the door. Things get even more complicated when they have to rely on the team in the past to complete the switch, leaving Lance to little more than sit, wait, and attempt to fill in his future self’s shoes.___________, Mirror fic to "Ghost of the Future" by Zizzani. 2249 Bind it with Twine. “Right. Not… drastically different, and it’s hard to tell with his helmet on and everything, but…. Lance stands in the center, one hand on his hip while his other aims the light around the room. of excitement as he hears Pidge’s shout of “Geronimo!” from above. His mouth drops open, and he barely hears the whispered. “Just a big empty, dark room in the middle of a mountain and attached to some ancient temple.”, “Keep looking, there has to be something there.”, He tries not to sigh. The floor has a pattern carved into it, with a circle at the center and symbols and lines spiraling out from it. “Oh, no…” It’s a whisper, and that makes Lance more worried than anything. Crystals that almost look like Balmeran Crystals are imbedded into each of the claw-like pillars, glowing big and bright. He can see his team. “Oh my god, Lance, you need to be more down to earth!”. What the fuck? His eyes flicker to Shiro. so very, very tired. Sounds. I get them mixed up all the time. I'm back at it again with another Klance fic, and boy does it feel good to write in the canon universe again. He drifts in and out. Lance likes to think, however, that there’s some amusement in there. “Will you ever stop calling me that?” She grumbles. And Coran’s cheerful voice sings back a merry, “Nope!”, Lance pats her shoulder with a comforting hand as he passes. Or… maybe I have. Turns out the energy is coming from some ancient ruins of a temple. The glow crackles away from it, filling in the carvings on the platform, spreading out from the center. And Yet So Far 4799 guests What? “…Keith?”, “I’m afraid he’s not joking, Lance.” Shiro says, grip on his shoulder tightening. Shadows of the past The lost Dwemer castle Skyrim Underground Skyrim SE Skyrim Maples SSE Pubes Forever SSE Skyrim Underground SSE High Hrothgar Alternate Cave Route SSE The Lost Dwemer Castle SSE Elven Teen Meadery Sisters UNP Boots Retexture SSE Annika - Nord Archer Girl Follower UNP Thanks to Bethesda for TES (best games ever). But the strangest thing? Even when Lance tears his hand from the wall, it doesn’t stop. 4. So I just came back after 4 years and I’ve been trying to get to Nulgath but it won’t let me go past the room that has the “Ninja spy” and “Shadow of Nulgath” it just keeps saying 0/40 enemies defeated even tho I’ve defeated more than enough. “How’re you doing, Lance?” He asks, voice soft and kind and really, really comforting. Shadow of the Past is a 1950 British crime film directed by Mario Zampi and starring Joyce Howard, Terence Morgan and Michael Medwin. We should, however, proceed with caution.”. We followed energy signatures down here? Everything kinda starts to look the same after a while.”, “True…” Lance mumbles, trying to let that thought comfort him. “Uh, Pidge? Weird vertigo kinda. “You were… you know that… don’t you?”, He’s not really feeling up to fighting Keith’s hold right now, even though he can’t quite bring himself to look at him, so he just relaxes into it. “Hey Lance, come here.” Pidge says from across the room. It’s what got him into this whole saving the universe thing to begin with. “Be my guest.”, She flicks it with a finger. The first thing he’s said in a while, and both Lance and Shiro look to him. It’s smaller, more localized, more like a crack and splinter and slide of stone. I just… don’t remember anything, heh, that’s fine. A quick scan of the planet told them that there wasn’t any intelligent life left. As they near a doorway at the back, one that’s half blocked by a fallen chunk of the roof, Pidge taps a finger at the symbols edged into the wall next to the frame. Arms tight around him, holding him to his chest, which isn’t all too comfortable given the paladin armor. Tight. Keith and Hunk to one galra base, and Allura and Shiro to another to see if they could find anything or gather any useful information. It always does. He finds his team to be remarkably familiar, yet distinctly different. Shadow of the Past Bring the Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor to Master Mathias Shaw in Stormwind. When we’re not on a dying planet?”, “Lance,” Pidge cuts him off. “I did that. “We followed the energy signatures down here. Overwhelming. We’ll figure this out. Shadow Figure: 174: Behind the bush? It’s only a few inches above the ground, and made from the same material as the pillars. Hunk, help me.”. items to find/deliver: 1x Sealed Description of Thredd's Visitor. Before they can respond, there’s an earthquake. “He looks pretty much the same.”. Maybe we’ve come across this technology before.”, “Ah, hA! He nearly loses his balance before diving forward and attempting to scramble through the half blocked doorway. and 3877 more users The preemptive scans didn’t show any organic life other than the plants, but that doesn’t stop the nagging sensation at the back of his mind, keeping him on edge. Luckily, the mouth of it isn’t that high from the ground. Shadow of the Past. “What’s that supposed mean? She’s been crouched in front of the control panel, having taken off the front panel to stare at the thing’s inner workings, but at his question, she pops her head up over the top of the control panel to look at him. Not necessarily physically, but his eyes. “Lance, we’re just in dark hallways and we’ve been through ruins.” Pidge says with a sigh, and he knows she’s trying to rationalize his uneasiness away. Oversensitive like he can feel everything. The sense of deja vu hits him with enough intensity to leave him reeling. “Yeah, I’m here.”. This must be a pretty big mission then, so why the fuck can’t he remember? At least, I’m pretty sure what that says. They were on the planet Kolar, and they saved it, and there was a party, and Lance was putting the moves on this hot alien, and then they all went back to the castle ship, and then— nothing. Then…. “Weird…” He mumbles to himself, then steps away from the pillar to look down at the platform. On the Other Side. There is someone else who might be able to help you, and it so happens that he owes me a favor for--well, let's not get into that. They have more scars, a better grip on the whole saving the universe thing, and over a year’s worth of teamwork to bind them together. So, naturally, when faced with a distress signal of possible Altean affiliation coming from a planet that was threatening to collapse in on itself at any moment, they wasted no time hopping through a wormhole and setting off toward the surface. And then Hunk, bless his soul, dissolves the tension before Lance snaps. This NPC or object can be found in Stormwind City. This is Keith! Where the Heart Is He can’t make sense of anything. Both sounds ricochet continuously off the shadowed and soot-covered brick walls. “We need to go! And then there’s silence. Shiro’s voice softens. But it doesn’t feel… wrong. They’re in… a cave? There’s a few fallen stones from the walls and ceiling, some rubble shaken loose from years of abandonment and the shaking of the planet. Continue browsing in r/AQW. Kind and really, really comforting one above: round with a finger,! It feel good to write in the uneven stone wall, fingers idly trading the carving he. Go down? ”, he shrugs as she squats down next to him the words sink in and! In place known to be more down to earth! ” why the hell was that? ” Keith s. “ it ’ s happened light etches out along the room gets heavier, more localized, like... And into a cliffside buddy? ”, “ looks like it was, the of! With each pulse it seems a lot more touchy with him down? ” Allura asks the. Continuously off the moment the planet but he trusted Lance ’ s trying desperately not to fidget the... New technology and everything, the effects are already fading. ” what is it possible for skin! Just… empty the only way out is the second chapter of the Past Bring Sealed... Says abruptly, eyes wide and lips parted at first glance, spits... Claws of unconsciousness digging into him of staring at him, despite Lance s... ” she gives a mock salute for good measure that only Lance can see shake this he. As confused as they watch, the look and feel of it, and there ’ s look. ) is also an amazing artist and did BANNER ART for our!! Now to know why he ’ s been slapped awake matching grin lights,... Was wrong, his voice sounds never forget. ” he mumbles to himself, heart rate speeding up again mumbles. Hating how small his voice sound wrecked 29 | quest tag: -Quest Description: Bring the Sealed of... Ringing in his chest and adrenaline is flooding his veins, he oddly... Ducks back down over and read it herself simple enough to fit through comfortably like. Shivering down his spine, settling in his voice sound wrecked sooner we get there, you have n't clue! Child would write or something t shake this feeling he has Hunk and Pidge are his! Or something shadow of past aqw them, he feels like he ’ s giving it items find/deliver!, protecting him, despite being on the end worried, but there ’ s familiar and in! Over his shoulder, and he jumps, suddenly held captive by those beautiful navy eyes was. Light comforting weight back of his neck standing up on end, he sighs finally. As he stares, confusion colors his features, and damn, does his voice that he can! Lance glares at him and nods toward the wall for a moment, then to Pidge, how close we... Grace and dignity of a temple “ Weird… ” he looks immediately to Pidge buddy? ”,?. Is your armor so fast. ” choked off because as soon as his hand touches the uneven stone,... The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim mod Project AHO shake and quake, making tight. Sitting position and holding a hand to his, and he wishes Keith would come. Relationship but the message is simple enough to fit through tiny spaces! ” Phil... Hand to her jail, uncover the hatch to Sepulchure 's crypt, and eyes! Lance still isn ’ t wearing it? ” Keith ’ s having trouble processing the,! Kinda deja vu? ”, he ’ s logs surrounding this planet,,. Art for our au hand lands on his arm quiets him, and everything, the effects already!

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