Dedicated Servers

At Quonix we believe quality service starts with quality hardware. Unlike other providers who use low-cost OEM whitebox hardware, we only use new Dell PowerEdge server equipment for our dedicated server offerings. We offer three standard base configurations below, and we also can provide customer server builds to match your specific requirement.

Entry Level

Dell PowerEdge R210

A perfect starting point for many users, the PowerEdge R210 offers a single Quad-core socket CPU, up to 8GB RAM, and (2) hard drives supporting Raid Level 1.

Starting at $95/month

Mid Level

Dell PowerEdge R410

A more demanding environment may require a server with extra redundancy and power. The PowerEdge R410 supports up to (2) Quad-core CPU sockets, redundant power supplies, and up to (4) hard drives supports Raid Level 1, 5, and 10.

Starting at $195/month

Enterprise Level

Dell PowerEdge R710

For enterprise users, the PowerEdge R710 offers the best platform. Dual CPU sockets, up to 64GB of RAM, redundant power supplies, and up to (6) hard drives for added storage capacity and Raid support.

Starting at $375/month

Customized Solutions

Multiple Server Lines

If a standard server platform does fit your needs, we can customize a solution for you. This may include iSCSI SAN, SSD Storage, and Quad-socket CPU platforms.

Available Data Backup and Firewall Services

Any dedicated server can be combined with our Managed Data Backup and Cisco ASA security services. Firewall services give you a private network allowing controlled access, VPN, and Site-to-Site IPsec tunnels.
Dedicated Pricing Quotations
Dell 2950 Server - 2x Quad-core - 16GB RAM - Perc5 RAID - 6x 1TB SATA or 4x 146GB SAS - unmetered 100Mbps - $150/month
Dell R210 Server - Quad-core - 16GB RAM - 256GB SSD - unmetered 100Mbps - $100/month
1U Intel Server - Quad-core - 16GB RAM - 1TB SATA - unmetered 100Mbps - $75/month